End of the road

November 16, 2008

Final words from TPT

After much thought, I have decided to wrap this site up.

I made profits on my Intrade account (turning $500 into $568) and a substantial amount of money on my Bet-fair account. I predicted that McCain would be the frontrunner for the GOP nomination in December 2007 ascendancy while Romney and Giuliani were still favourites. I had a spectacular near-miss with regard to Joe Lieberman being McCain’s running mate, and I believed that McCain’s selection of Palin would be a disaster. My formula predicted the popular vote margin correctly.

However, I completely overlooked the Barack Obama phenomenon and I made the cardinal error of allowing my political views to creep into my commentary (views that I should have kept to myself given that I am not American). With a full time job in consultancy that I am fighting to hold onto in the current economic environment, my blogging was perfunctory and scattered.

Thanks to all those who have visited this website.


One comment

  1. Thanks, though. It was interesting.

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