Yes he did (and no, TPT didn’t)

November 5, 2008

Congratulations to President-Elect Obama


During the eighteen moths that I have been running this site, one of my constant beliefs was that a bet on Barack Obama was poor value. I even suggested that, contrary to conventional wisdom, McCain could win a Regan style landslide. However, I was proved wrong last night. Although part of Obama’s success was down to a combination of bad luck and the inexplicable Palin pick, he had guts to take on Hillary, staying power to be able to soldier on through Wrightgate and a steady hand during the crisis. Although, I wanted McCain to win I wish him the best of luck.



  1. Limey,

    Try betting on a winner next time.

  2. Most polls overstated Obama’s lead until the very end, but not nearly as much as I hoped. Still, it bears keeping in mind that for all the media buzz and cult of personality, the popular vote was much closer than the electoral vote. (Which is part of the design, I’m not saying I would change it.)

    I wish the country more luck than I wish Obama; look at the signs so far. Mandatory “volunteer” hours for high school and college students? Yes, that will be dialed back until they find a balance acceptable to the public, but it shows where his heart is at. As does the Rahm Emanuel pick, which has a certain logic, but happens to also be a person on the record in favor of compulsory national service.

    A new stimulus package, but no tax cuts. He states he could possibly be pursauded to hold off on his tax plan until the economy picks up, assuming it does pick up, since its temporarily trading down on his win. But he’s also talking a new stimulus package immediately, which has to be simply a reimbursement or redistribution of taxpayer dollars on top of a budget deficit. Better to have a straight tax cut, or to keep the money and balance the budget, than combine the worst of both approaches.

    Socialized health care and gun control are coming down the pike whether Obama pushes them or not. (I think more likely not.) With Dems in charge of both houses of Congress, he can let them be the bad guys and “yield to the will of the people’s representatives” without spending too much of his own political capital.

    I think the Buckleys and Brooks who expect him to be a moderate or centrist are going to be deeply disappointed. What he is, really, is a gradualist leftist, an Alinksy-ite. Hopefully, that will be enough.

    Still, as a resident citizen and not a foreign commenter, I’d have taken Palin-in-waiting over Obama-in-fact.

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