Obama has a solid-to-strong lead

October 27, 2008

Obama leads by 6.45

My new projections are (my methodology is here):

Barack Obama 51.03
John McCain 44.58

The contest looks to be going Obama’s way. However, although Obama is clearly the odds on favourite beyond it should be remembered that the polls have got it wrong before. In 2006 James Webb only beat George Allen by the skin of his teeth after leading comfortably in the final round of polling, while Gore outperformed his polls (though not the exit polls) in 2000. IAlthough a dose of buyer’s remorse at the polling booths is pretty much McCain’s only hope ‘d give McCain about a 20% chance of winning which is more than Intrade give him. I’m not going to put any more money on McCain but I’ll keep the Betfair money I’ve put on McCain on him.


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