Wright, Ayers and Palin

October 12, 2008

My take on Palin and her comments

I’m not American so my judgement may be biased, but ever since ‘Wrightgate’ came to light I believe that John McCain and Hillary Clinton made a huge mistake in not attacking Obama over it. I believe that anyone who is willing to tolerate repeated rants about America’s responsibility for September 11th, is not someone who is prepared to make the tough foreign policy decisions that America (and the rest of the Western world) must make in the next four year. From a strategic perspective there is clear evidence that such a line of attack would have resonated with voters, especially ‘Reagan Democrats’ in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

As the pollster Stan Greenberg put it, ‘The Reagan Democrats’ recollection of the 1960s is not of the race riots and busing but much more of the Vietnam War, the hippies and protestors, and humiliation of America and our soldiers. These are strong-defense Democrats who give Obama remarkably low marks on national security and have great trouble dismissing what Reverend Wright said about America’. Clearly, dealt sensitively, in an issue focused way by someone who had good national security credentials (such as Joe Lieberman or Rudy Giuliani) this attack could have been extremely effective and was perfectly legitimate.

However, as a last ditch measure and from the mouth of Sarah Palin, the issue can only be counterproductive. Trying to claim that Obama’s tenuous links with Ayers equates to him ‘palling around with terrorists’ skirts the line between hyperbole and race-baiting. Coming from someone who has far more sinister associations (Murthee, Chryson etc) it is also deeply hypocritical. The fact that it seems to have boosted McCain’s poll numbers (for the time being) indicates how effective such an attack would have been had it been put in its proper context and handled appropriately. However, the resulting hate and vitrol her rants have produced, should force even the amoral Steve Schmidt to conclude it is not a price worth paying.


One comment

  1. John McCain the con!
    McSame and Palin the crook belong together!
    McLame is playin the media like today’s favorite song and they are buyin it!

    Using hand picked mob scene people, notice you never see their face!
    They are eating it up too!

    Plus McLame gets to play act kindness! Pigs with lipstick!

    He gets the rhetoric out that way too! I thought there was something fishy about that woman!

    B U S T E D !

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