Just one prediction

October 2, 2008

After the 2010 Congressional election at least one third of the current members of the House of Reps will no longer be in Congress.

Obama (if he is elected) is going to have to raise taxes and abandon his spending plans as soon as he gets in because of Paulson’s folly. This will lead to a massive GOP landslide in 2010.


One comment

  1. That’s a bold prediction given the power of incumbency in elections. We often have 90% + reelection rates in Congress.

    I think you’re right, though. I don’t know if our political class fully comprehend how angry people are over this. The Senate’s response to a public rejection of a $700 billion bailout was… to load it up with pork to buy votes in the House. It looks like it may work, but its not going to go over well when it does.

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