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September 26, 2008

‘PDS’ speads to the right

I was horrified by the Palin selection from the moment that I heard that she was going to be McCain’s running mate. Part of this was disappointment that McCain had not chosen Lieberman. However, most of my discontent was shock that someone with her inexperience was chosen in time of crisis, and by a candidate who had pitched his entire campaign on his preparedness for a ‘3am moment’. However, even after the initial shock had worn off I was further taken aback by the constant stream of skeletons that had been tumbling out of her closet.

Now, I am not American and the primary rationale of this website is to provide betting advice. However, it is patently obvious that as well as being unqualified and with a lot of scandals, Palin is also rabidly right-wing to an extent not seen since the third party candidacy of George Wallace in 1968. For the record, I don’t particularly care about her stance on abortion, and I think it is like the European Union in British politics, a topic that is of interest to fewer people than is popularly perceived. However, I still don’t understand how McCain can put a Buchananite, Bircher and all round paleo-conservative a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

It is one thing to support Bush’s tax cuts when they are going to pass anyway and last year’s immigration bill was so watered down that it probably wasn’t worth sacrificing a campaign for. However, like the Iraq War, bailout bill, the appointment of Palin to the vice-presidency will have long term consequences for both America and the world. While McCain was correct on Iraq, he has spectacularly failed on his running mate and on the bailout bill (although his posturing may have actually have ensured that it is delayed). Therefore, McCain needs to take advantage of this crisis to ensure that Palin either retires from the ticket, or is dropped from the ticket. Frankly, at this stage anyone would be preferable to her.

In that respect I think Kathleen Parker is correct to call for her resignation. I think we are going to see a few more calls for her resignation in the next few days



  1. Hi,

    I am curious about how you get your numbers. Most of the major polling groups have Obama up by about 4-5 percentage points.

    How does your equation work?

  2. Palin wore a Buchanan button when he visited Wasilla and she was mayor, but she supported another candidate in that election. She never was a Bircher (although that would be worth it for the entertainment value alone); she was once photographed with a Birch Society publication that had been mailed to practically all US elected officials and that was not obviously from the Birch Society. She never was a member or supporter of the Alaska Independence Party; she recorded a message to one of their conventions in which she addressed them as “the opposition,” but sound bites of a few words at a time have been parsed to make her sound like a supporter.

    The fact is, you’re getting played by Obama supporters on a smear campaign. Which may be indicative in its own right if other people are falling for it, but its not exactly objective analysis. There are valid arguments against a Palin vice presidency, but I don’t believe you’re making them.

    I’d prefer that Palin had a few more years as governor myself, but she still has more executive experience and more tangible accomplishments to her name than Obama. Her real weakness that I see is a lack of experience on the national media stage. She is in danger of getting painted as inexperienced even beneath her own level of accomplishment. While I don’t think that makes her unqualified, it could be a real liability in the campaign, and even in office.

    Anyway, I’m still curious as to what you would look for now to predict a McCain victory. McCain was weak with the Republican base and was counting on independents to make up the difference in turnout. Now the conservative base is fired up and he’s still in a position to appeal to independents personally. I just think its funny that a former McCain supporter and forecaster looks like he could be blindsided by a McCain victory.

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