Obama leads by 2.06

September 24, 2008

My views on the McCain stunt

My new projections are:

Barack Obama 49.01
John McCain 46.95

McCain’s gambit is obviously an utter stunt. However (and I am neutral due to the Palin pick) it is important to understand how this plays with the wider population. Granted this could explode in McCain’s face but it is difficult to argue that McCain is doing something fundamentally wrong by putting his duties as a Senator over those as a candidate. Indeed, he would have been well advised to spent a week in the Senate in July having Congress shoot his legislation down. Also, Obama made a massive mistake by not trying to appear ‘above the fray’, it made him look aloof and meant that some of populist anger at the bailout will now be attached to him. This is like Labour’s decision not to make the ERM a campaign issue in 1992 even though the exchange rate was clearly set too high.


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