Obama and McCain essentially tied

September 21, 2008

The Senator from Illinois leads by 0.02%

My new national projections are:

Barack Obama 48
John McCain 47.98

(This was produced by putting polls of likely voters through Samplemiser. Campaign polls and polls sponsored by The Daily Kos are automatically excluded)

In a time of economic turmoil McCain and Obama are essentially tied. I’m not ruling out a Palin implosion (though Troopergrate seems to have been kicked into the long grass) but the election will come down the candidates’ reactions to the bailout. At the moment both candidates have indicated that they have problems with it. However, McCain will have to demonstrate an ability to stand up to his de factor advisor Phil Gramm while Obama will have to get down from his perch and show some fire in his belly. Obama’s links to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and McCain’s decision to choose Palin, rather than someone who has some experience with these matters, will also come under the spotlight.


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