McCain leads by 2.65

September 17, 2008

Obama faling to put the ball in the back of the net despite the open goal

With economic carnage and Palin starting to implode Obama should be in the lead instead my latest projections are:

John McCain 48.17
Barack Obama 45.52

This includes the Democracy Corps polls on September 11th but not any of the Research 2000 Daily Kos polls, because the extreme partisan nature of the site means that I am going to treat them as internal polls (which as a matter of policy I ignore). One of the reasons is Barack Obama’s latest ad, two minutes of him talking to camera. Palin’s selection has made me neutral, but if Obama can’t make a coherant argument within a minute on the economy then he doesn’t deserve to win.



  1. Gallup has Obama up by a single point, but none of these polls will mean anything until after the first debate.

  2. Agreed.

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