Time for Obama to go negative

September 13, 2008

What Obama needs to do

Having armchair quarterbacked the McCain campaign I am going to offer some advice for Obama. Obama needs to go negative on Sarah Palin. Although Democrats have an aversion to negative campaigining Obama cannot unilaterally disarm, o rely on the media to do his work for him. He needs to spend a large some of money attacking Governor Palin’s reputation on two key issues, her waste and fiscal profligacy and her decision to make rape victims pay for their tests. This would hit Palin on her two perceived strengths; her image as a reformer and the groundbreaking (for the GOP) nature of her candidacy.

This approach will not be popular. Supporters of Hillary Clinton will complain that there is something wrong with holiding a female candidate to the same standards as a man and some commentators want Obama to continue to play the ‘moral fool’. However, many of the fromer simply want McCain to win to pave the way for a Hillary candidacy in 2012 while the latter simply do not live in the real world. The inconvenient truth for Obama is that in a Obama vs McCain fight he has at best a 50/50 chance. However, Obama can clearly win a McCain/Palin fight if he has the guts to go after Palin. However, even though he has to fight he must take clear to fight cleanly and avoid any more ‘lipstick on a pig’ controversies.


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