Powerline gets it right

September 1, 2008

I don’t usually quote from Powerline but this is a gem.

“How big a deal is this story? Some people are irate; others seem to think it’s just fine. I think it makes both Sarah Palin and John McCain look like idiots, but perhaps only for the moment. No doubt today’s Oprah moment will pass, but I can’t help being nostalgic for the days when you could tell the difference between politics and a soap opera.”

Seriously, McCain needs to push Palin off the ticket before she has a chance to establish herself and get her Buchananite secessionist views into the Oval Office.


One comment

  1. The Buchanan button was when she was mayor and he was visiting Wasilla; she supported another candidate in that race. And she’s always been a Republican; her endorsement by the Alaska Independence Party was no different from Guiliani getting New York’s Conservative and Libertarian party endorsements running as a Republican.

    A question: at what point or what would you look for to say that a McCain/Palin ticket was going to pull it off? Palin is currently very popular with the base, maybe enough for McCain to out-consolidate Obama with their respective bases. McCain has been pulling even with Obama in many recent polls. Much depends on the Biden/Palin debate, but I see a better than even chance for her to come out ahead there.

    I think its ironic that I’m starting to see a McCain victory, and someone betting on him may not.

    I know you’re a pro-Lieberman, anti-base guy, but do you really think McCain would win after pushing out his own pick, who is popular with his own base?

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