Could McCain choose Rudy?

August 20, 2008

Probably not, but here’s why he might.

There has been speculation that the whole Tom Ridge trial balloon is to with Rudolph Giuliani rather than Joe Lieberman. Rudolph Giuliani has a strong regional appeal in the North-East and New England. His selection would potentially put New York, and its thirty-five Electoral College votes, into play. As Mayor of a city larger than many states, Giuliani spent pushed through policies that promoted the idea that anyone, including immigrants, could succeed as long as they worked hard and obeyed the law. This would be especially welcome in a Republican Party where some demonise immigrants in a manner little different from Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American rants. As drug dealers, corrupt cops and Michael Milken found out, Giuliani is a strong leader who is unafraid of confrontation, either on the campaign trail, or in office.

If selected, Giuliani would need to open his activities as a security consultant out to public scrutiny and he will need to emphasise his willingness to select pro-life judges. He also runs the risk of his private life and questions over his planning for terrorist attacks overshadowing the campaign. Personally, I think the fact that he is being given a keynote spot at the convention means he won’t be the running mate. However, I could well imagine a scenario where he is the nominee and Lieberman claims the vacant keynote speaking spot. McCain has gone out so far on a limb that Lieberman is still the only person he should select. However, were he to select Giuliani (or Graham) as his running mate and give Lieberman the keynote spot, then he could at least claim that to have reached out beyond the base.


One comment

  1. Man,

    You must REALLY be betting on a walk-out convention!

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