Is Romney off the ticket?

July 21, 2008

McCain/Romney seems (thankfully) unlikely.

If there was one ticket that could have undermined McCain’s chances, it was picking Mitt Romney. Not only would he have annoyed social conservatives (without the upside that Lieberman or Giuliani could bring to the ticket) it should also be clear that picking someone associated, fairly or unfairly, with the worst excesses of economic conservatism would not help McCain in either the Midwest or the North East. Indeed, even picking a run of the mill libertarian like Sarah Palin would be preferable, since a former CEO’s views are more likely to carry more weight than those of a former beauty queen. Of course this could be a bluff, but it is time to bet against Romney being on the Republican ticket. However, if the article from the American Spectator is correct, a McCain/Romney ticket is off the menu.


One comment

  1. I think McCain will eventually chose Romney for VP in a last-ditch hope of winning Michigan. (I mean, his campaign has been a disaster from day-one. Do you honestly think hoping is going to make it get better, Tipster?)

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