Obama’s lead falls to 1.06%

July 14, 2008

More good news, but will it last?

My new projections are:

Barack Obama 47.01
John McCain 45.95

As per usual they are based on samples of likely voters filtered through Samplemiser. Now, having been positive about McCain chances (if not those of Rick Davis) I don’t want to reverse course. However, I’m still worried that Obama’s move to the centre is not being challenged. McCain’s team need to get out and painting Obama as someone who fundamentally dishonest about his left-liberal record, rather than a panderer. They cannot allow Obama to go into the convention season perceived as a centrist.


One comment

  1. Sen. Obama’s “shift to the center” is old news already. Pick up a copy of The New Yorker, and see what I mean!

    If Sen. Obama can survive this controversy, then he will be unstoppable in the fall. The more he gets caricatured, the more Independents are going to gravitate his way.

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