July 3, 2008

Forget flip-flopping, McCain’s team need to go for the jugular

On the one hand it is good that even the darling of the antiwar left now recognises that a over hasty withdrawal from Iraq would be disastrous. However, the truth is that Barack Obama has not had the sort of conversion that comes on the road to Damascus but one that sounds suspiciously like the road to his pollster. Unfortunately the McCain team need to be quite catagorical in their response. Instead of portraying him as a flip-flopper they need to directly question his integrity. After all can someone who didn’t miss an opportunity to vote against the war and who as late as last September was talking about a withdrawal within six months really expect the voters to believe that he has changed on the issue? It might give the McCain campaign short term pleasure to go over the beaten track and claim that he is a flip-flopper or that he was pandering to the anti-war left, but the fact is that they must make clear that he was lying to the American people.


One comment

  1. Good luck with that. For most of us, Sen. Obama is already our president.

    We trust his every decision.

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