A good start but McCain needs to go further

July 2, 2008

McCain finally loses faith in Rick Davis

McCain’s decision to give Steve Schmidt primary responsibility for Day to Day operations is a step in the right direction. However, as I have been saying, McCain’s problem is not just organisation but the huge strategic blunders his campaign staff made. Running to the right, failing to go after Obama and his failure to stress Iraq were not anything to do with the number of precinct captains, important as ground support is. McCain needs to go futher, he needs to find someone like either Dick Morris, Marshall Wittman or Bill Kristol who can give his campaign focus. Bob Dole’s deputy campaign manager has been manifestly not up to the job.

Note: I stopped posting for a while. This was not because I’ve given up in despair at the McCain campaign but simply because I had started a new job. I will resume normal service.


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