Obama leads by 3.93% in Pennsylvania

June 25, 2008

Not too bad for McCain but he needs to move closer to Obama.

My latest projections for Pennsylvania are:

Barack Obama 45.97
John McCain 42.04

McCain obviously trails Obama in Pennsylvania. However, a deficit 3.93% isn’t too bad considering Obama’s national lead and Pennslyvania’s (small) bias towards the Democrats. However, Charlie Black’s gaffe should serve as a wakeup call for a much needed rearrangement of the staff.



  1. I dont see how McCain will be able to win PA. I dont see how he can improve on Bush’s numbers from 2004 to off-set the new Obama vote that will come from Philly. he needs to keep it close to keep dem resources there, but I dont see him picking it up.

  2. PA is simply too anti-war for McCain to do any better than George W in PA.

  3. PA, anti-war? It is one of the biggest Pro-War Blue states.

  4. Ohio is your territory, Joe. Leave PA to me.

  5. So far you have not been right about either of our states.

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