Another issue poll, another McCain lead on foreign policy

June 19, 2008

When will McCain’s campaign managers realise that the war is a positive for McCain?

The new poll from the Washington Post has Mccain leading Obama 47-46 on Iraq, 49-43 on International Affairs and 53-39 on the War on Terror. Given that McCain is trailing badly on the economy it does make one wonder when McCain’s campaign managers will stop trying to turn him into a combination of Newt Gingrich and Basil Fawlty (“don’t mention the war”) and actually let him be the Scoop Jackson centrist that he genuinely aspires. Unfortunatly, one shouldn’t hold one’s breath in the near future – although I wouldn’t be shocked if Rick Davis stepped down before the covention. Of course, this strategy might be an attempt to lay the groundwork for a surprise in Saint Paul – in which case it might make some sort of sense.


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