Voters back McCain’s Iraq plan over Obama’s

June 18, 2008

Voters in Florida and Ohio back ‘stay the course’

One of the more interesting crosstabs from the recent round of Quinnipiac University swing state polinlg suggests that voters in Florida and Ohio actually prefer McCain’s Iraq plan to that of Obama. When asked the question ‘What would you prefer the next president do about the war in Iraq‘ they backed staying the course 48-46 in Florida and 53-42 in Ohio. Now to be fair they did back Obama’s plan in Pennsylvania but only by 49-47.

This demonstrates that Iraq is not an automatic vote loser and might actually be a vote winner in some key states.



  1. If the single-issue votes are that close on Iraq, then the GOP loses. (The Dems have too large a lead in every other issue).

  2. P.S. Quinnipiac’s overall results were

    OH: 48-42, Obama
    PA: 52-40, Obama
    FL: 47-43, Obama

    If the election were held today, the GOP would lose BIG TIME. (325-213 EVs, by ElectionProjection.com’s count.)

  3. Giacomo,

    Obama has received a bounce from winning the Democratic nomination these numbers will come back down in the coming weeks. Even though I still think Obama will win this election I do expect it to be pretty close.

  4. The bounce is already starting to come down in some polls.

    Iraq is not the only losing issue for the Dems. If we do not start drilling, oil will also be a losing issue.

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