Five reasons why Hillary won’t be Obama’s running mate

June 17, 2008

TPT bets predicts that we won’t see an Obama/Clinton ticket

1. Hillary wants to run in 2012. – If Hillary accepts the position the earliest she can run is 2016. By that time the next generation of Democratic politicans will be in place to challenge her for the Presidency, as well as various Republicans. Of course, if Obama goes down to ingnominius defeat this year, or four years later, Clinton’s political career will be over.

2. Obama doesn’t particularly like Hillary – It’s pretty obvious that Obama doesn’t share even the grudging respect that some Republicans like John McCain have for the New Yorker. The kerfuffle over ‘Whiteygate’ didn’t particularly help matters either.

3. Electoral Advantage is minimal – Hillary might bring a few female ‘Hillary Democrats’ back to the fold but, just as with John Edwards in 2004, having her on the ticket won’t bring her working class support and might actually ailenate a good number of Independants and ‘Obamacons’.

4. Obama would make her life hell as VP – Although Hillary ended the campaign much humbler than she started it, she does have some pride. If she got the VP position it would be on Obama’s terms and from his ‘discussions’ with Lieberman it is obvious that this would be a more frustrating and humiliating position than that enjoyed by Gore between 1993 and 2001. The appointment of Patti Solis Doyle as the Chief of Staff for any Vice Presidential candidate indicates that a bit of humiliation would be involved.

5. Hillary will do something between now and the convention that will rule herself out – My view is that even if Obama is planning on putting her on the ticket Hillary will rule herself out. Obviously she can’t do so formally, but my guess is that Bill Clinton will make another ‘gaffe’ or will ‘accidently’ say something positive about McCain which will make it impossible for Obama to choose her.

My view is that the chances of Hillary Clinton being Obama’s running mate are about 10%.



  1. For once, we are in agreement.

  2. I agree as well. You do a good job of explaining things.

  3. Yes, putting Mrs. Clinton on the ticket would not be a great idea. Too many Republicans, Independents and Democrats want no part of her.

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