When will McCain’s price rally?

June 16, 2008

McCain’s price falls into the low 30s – but when will it recover?

The chances of John McCain occupying the White House have seen steadily declining, with a few exceptions, for the past 50 days. Given that McCain is still close to Obama in the key swing states it is interesting to attempt to guess when (rather than if) his price will start to recover. My view is that the major catalyst will either be a change in campaign staff (which could happen any time between now and the convention) or the convention itself and McCain’s choice of running mate.

In any case I belive that McCain is still hugely undervalued. Even if you factor in the chance of some horrible tragedy his price should be in the high 60s at the very least. Of course, if you are really a short term trader (i.e you trade on price movements) the technical signs for the rally to begin are not quite there yet. However, for the rest of us the price is so attractive that it is definitely a BUY. Remember that this time last year the price on McCain becoming the Republican nominee had just dropped below single figures.


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