Could this be McCain’s running mate?

June 9, 2008

Would Giuliani be a good choice for McCain?

One of the more interesting choices McCain could make is to choose Giuliani as his running mate. There are some obvious upsides to such a choice. Giuliani would boost McCain in the North-East and would definitely help him win New York State, which would be a crushing blow to Obama. Giuliani would also have the credentials to take Obama on over national security, especially given Jeremiah Wright’s comments. He would also help with Rockerfeller Republicans and possibly even Hillary voters. Giuliani is also a good debater and would effective engage whomever Obama selected as his running mate. Even Giuliani’s problems with cancer and his disastrous perfromance during the primaries ironically make him less of a threat to those Republicans who would like to succeed McCain. Given that Giuliani has kept an extremely low profile since January it could be argued that his selection would be somewhat of a surprise and would generate some buzz for the ticket. There is also the sense that Giuliani, especially at the height of his campaign had a sense of optimism that its lacking from the GOP and could bolster McCain on domestic issues. All of these factors make the former Mayor of New York good value at a price of 2.7-4.7 on Intrade.com.

However, there are three main problems. The first problem is that putting him onto the ticket will reopen the whole IAFF business. The second problem is that selecting Giuliani would really hurt McCain along with Evangelical voters, and it might put some of the Appalachian states into play. Finally, and most seriously there is the whole question of Giuliani’s business connections since September 11, especially his links with various Arab governments and shady figures. It should be assumed that the Democrats have a lot of opposition research material on Giuliani that they are just waiting to unleash. If (or maybe when) the Democrats do so, Giuliani (unlike Clinton) could not count on the backlash against ”the right-wing (or in Giuliani’s case left-wing) conspiracy. My view is that Giuliani’s chances of being McCain’s running mate are still around 10%, or at most 15%.



  1. With all my respects to my dear friend Matt, let me sum things up very simply: WORST CAMPAIGN EVER!

    Giuliani has already made the history books for running the single-worst political campaign in modern history. He is a skinless, godless warmonger who ran NYC like Boss Tweed, exploited the worst national tragedy in our lifetime, and envisioned a future for America that was borderline fascist.

    He is the one person who I think could have been a worse president for America than George W. Bush. (Fortunately, the religious-right is not too keen of him, and would protest if he VP.) His political future is finished.

  2. put your money down, and see it go the way of most of your other bets (see also Clinton.Pres)

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