Is this the right strategy for McCain?

June 8, 2008

TPT evaluates the McCain team’s strategy

The National Review Online has the salient points from a conference call with Rick Davis, the campaign manager for the McCain campaign. If this is true then it provides an interesting window into the strategy that McCain’s is going to employ. Before I begin to take his strategy apart, I have to say that there are some good points. It is good that McCain is managing to catch with Obama in terms of finances, it is also good that his campaign is targeting Pennslyvania, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon, Delaware, Maine (!!) and maybe even California. The problem is that his campaign is demonstrating a large degree of complacency regarding both Hillary Democrats and the election at large. Saying that Obama can run up a 10% lead is not so good.

I would also like to see McCain’s team realise that they need to keep the focus on, not away, from Iraq. Obama might be leading McCain on McCain’s own surveys but when you combine this with McCain’s huge lead on national security/terrorism, I would guess than McCain comes out ahead (although I would have to see the breakdowns). lt would also be good for the McCain team to make the leap from acknowledging that the economy is bad for them to moving McCain to the centre and maybe injecting a little bit of 2000 style populism into the campaign. However, his strategy could be worse and there is nothing in there which suggests that they are going to go completely off the rails, Giuliani style. Overall: a B-.


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