Obama’s ‘Chicago-style’ diplomacy falls flat on its face

June 6, 2008

Is the 20/1 available at Ladbrokes now even better value?

I admit that my conviction that Joe Lieberman has a good chance of becoming McCain’s running mate, especially after his decision to attend a conference with Hagee, is becoming somewhat of an obession. However, if it doesn’t represent a stunning repudiation of Obama’s attempt to strong-arm the Connecticut Senator, it raises some very serious questions about whether others will follow Lieberman’s lead and cross party lines to endorse McCain. Of course, this will work both ways, with Chuck Hagel’s wife sending money to Obama but my view is that, short of Bloomberg or Powell crossing party lines (and both of them seem to be moving back to McCain) there is no single Obama surrogate with the moral force and cross-partisan appeal of Joe Lieberman. Indeed, I would now put Lieberman’s chances of being McCain’s running mate at evens again.

The reaction from Daily Kos has been predictably caustic, but one of the posters made the interesting point that the Democrats might not be able to punish Lieberman (except by throwing him out of the caucus) because the committee chairmanships are set out by the same operating agreement that gives the Democrats control of the Senate, making Barack Obama’s threat quite empty. Interestingly, Lieberman’s last traded price on Betfair (Lieberman is not available on Intrade) is now 11/1. This makes the 20/1 available at Ladbrokes really good value. Having spent a lot of time talking about Lieberman I think it is important to emphasise that there are other potential running mates for McCain, and I will try and shift my focus away from Lieberman, unless something else noteworthy happens in the meantime. I will be publishing articles on Huckabee, Rice, Giuliani and maybe some others in the next seven days.


One comment

  1. Your post reads like a rant from Rush Limbaugh: boisterous and erroneous. Obama is the de-facto head of the Democratic Party, not the Senate Majority Leader. Get your facts straight

    Also, Bloomberg and Powell moving back to McCain? Let’s see some substance to those claims.

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