ARG puts its cards on the table

June 3, 2008

ARG predicts a 26 point Clinton landslide in South Dakota

In what could be the end of ARG as a serious pollster, it has gone out on a limb and predicted a 26 point Clinton landslide in South Dakota. Given that Mason-Dixon predicted a 17% Obama victory (albeit in a poll that sampled a ‘whopping’ 171 people), one (or possibly both) of the pollsters will have some serious egg on their face(s) tonight. For me, two polls is not really enough to make a projection on, and I don’t think this will fundamentally affect the contest either way, so I’m going to take the cowards route and not make a projection.



  1. Come on, tipster! You afraid to test your luck??? 😉

  2. What are the options of Hillary running as an independant candidate? She might be able to pull an upset win as an independant. I think she should seriously consider it. It almost looked like whole democratic establishment is ga-ga over Obama and forgot a very important fact that women got the right to vote and part in political process later than African-American men. Clinton or not, she is a woman and it might be very long time before a stong female candidate emerges on the political landscape.

  3. If Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t win a third-party run, I doubt Hillary Clinton would. She’s no Teddy Roosevelt.

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