How will ‘RFK-gate’ affect the McCain vs Obama contest?

May 24, 2008

Will it generate an outpouring of sympathy for Obama?

Hillary Clinton’s disgusting comments about RFK and Barack Obama have rightly resulted in condemnation from across the political spectrum and have almost certainly destroyed her campaign, though you can never completely write off the Clinton’s and she would do well to continue on for as long as possible so her horrible gaffe isn’t the last thing people remember about her. The question is now how this affects the general election. My take on this is sadly that this is bad news for McCain. This utterly makes sure that, even if Condi Rice is on the ticket, the African-American vote will turn out unaminously for Obama and a large number of’ ‘Hillary Democrats’ who had been considering defecting will vote for Obama. Of course, if some more revelations about Jeremiah Wright emerge things could change, but my guess is that McCain’s chances are only about 75% and falling.



  1. Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself. Such comments have no place in any forum of civil discourse.

    Any person seeking the nation’s highest office knows that their life is on the line. She needs remind no one about the risk that’s involved.

    It’s time for the Democratic Party, and the nation, to move on.

  2. While we all regret things we say, this one takes the cake.

  3. “Only” 75% chance for McCain??

    That seems as outlandish as Hillary’s comments.

    He’s trading around 40%.Somehow I doubt the market is that far off the mark.

  4. Between you and me, Ross, I have no idea where the hell ‘Tipster comes up with these numbers.

  5. I fully stand behind my comments. It probably isn’t going to be as big as landslide as I previously thought but I still think McCain should be a strong favourite.

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