Time for Gordon Brown to go

May 23, 2008

Why there has to be a challenge to Gordon Brown

Last night’s by-election result was disastrous for Labour, not just on its own but as a confirmation of he fact that Labour are doing disastrously in the opinion polls. Although I will still be voting for them at the next election it is pretty clear that the government will lose unless they make several changes, including replacing Gordon Brown. The problem with Brown is that he doesn’t have a vision for where he want to take the country and when he does come out with a good idea, such as closing the non-domiciled tax loophole, he hasn’t got the courage to back it up in the face of criticism. Although he made the correct decision to keep British troops in Iraq, he has constantly avoided justifying his decision, allowing his critics from the left to go unchallenged, and the Tories to keep quiet about their foriegn policy ideas. Similarly, although I heartily agree with Brown’s decision to reclassify cannabis, he has generally failed to pursue Tony Blair’s respect agenda and ailenated a lot of people by refusing to compromise on abortion.

I think the problem is getting the ball rolling. If Charles Clarke or Alan Milburn were to come out and directly challenge Gordon Brown he would be gone within 24 hours. However, the problem is that no-one is willing to put their head above the parapet, at least not yet. However, I still think that such a step is necessary and inevitable. Gordon Brown is the master of backstage politics (as he showed last year) so only a direct challenge will work. The worst scenario would be a continued level of low level sniping combined with a public facade of unity. Although I accept that, in the short term a contest could be messy, I would recommend, both as a British citizen as well as a gambler, one out of; Charles Clarke, Alan Milburn, John Reid (or my personal choice) Hazel Blears.


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  1. Mr. Blair should not have resigned.

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