McCain/Lieberman speculation roundup

May 23, 2008

Momentum grows behind a McCain/Lieberman ticket

The past fews days has seen quite a bit of comment about the possibility of a McCain/Lieberman ticket. Lieberman seems to be dialling up the rhetoric and is demonstrating his potential effectiveness as a campaign surrogate. Economic conservatives seem to be warming to him, partially because he is not Huckabee, with both Larry Kudlow and the National Review Online suggesting that he be put on the ticket. The latter’s partial endorsement is interesting because they had previously threatened a floor fight, if McCain didn’t pick a candidate who was acceptable to them. Lieberman needs to work on getting acceptance from the Religious Right and continuing to remain acceptable to economic conservatives, while emphasising his credentials as a War Democrat. My suggestion is that he should run with YouTube’s refusal to remove terrorist propaganda and hold some hearings into the material they allow to be posted on their website.


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