Huckabee shoots himself in the foot…

May 17, 2008

… and his chances of being VP in the head

Huckabee’s shocking joke about Obama avoiding an assassin has pretty much put paid to his  (already slim) chances of becoming McCain’s running mate. I always though the Huckabee as VP rumours were more about reminding fiscal conservatives that there were far worse things than a ticket with Condi/Lieberman/Crist on the bottom than a serious idea in itself (I consider the ‘Romney as VP’ rumours to have been the same for social conservatives). I have to say that although I believe he would have made a poor Republican candidate, I respected Huckabee right up until he tried to reinvent himself as a less crazy version of Pat Buchanan, with his pandering to the minutemen and his stance on the Confedarate flag.


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