Is this McCain’s chance for a ‘Sister Soulja’ moment?

May 13, 2008

Why McCain turn this to his advantage

This attempt by Ron Paul supporters to use the threat of chaos at the Republican convention to gain a speaking spot for their candidate presents an opportunity for his campaign. Although it would be easy to buy Paul’s supporters off with a graveyard speaking spot he needs to make it clear that their paleo-anarchist philosophy has no place within his tent. He can do this by refusing Paul a spot at the convention, devoting a speech to attacking Paul’s philosophy of foreign policy and government and by selecting one of the two vice-presidential choices who most directly go against the isolationism and racist associations of the Texas congressman. This will not be the first time McCain has directly confronted Paul, but it needs to be done again, both for McCain’s campaign and for the future direction of American politics.

Of course this could lead to Ron Paul running as an independent or endorsing Barack Obama (I doubt Paul would follow Ann Coulter and endorse Hillary Clinton if she was the Democratic nominee), but for every vote that McCain could lose to Paul, I would guess that he would gain five from independent Democrats and Independents, who would be pleased to see him standing up for what he believes in.


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