Are Daily Kos’s “chickens coming home to roost”?

May 11, 2008

Some developments in the veepstakes

Lieberman is re-activating his mailing list, criticising Barack Obama and trying to persuade Clinton’s donors to donate to McCain (scroll down to the end of the article). Perhaps the 16/1 on him being McCain’s VP isn’t that bad a deal?



  1. The man will do ANYTHING to get close to the presidency. He is a traitor to his own party and will have no political future down the road.

  2. It was the Democrats that betrayed Mr. Lieberman. It is funny that the Democrats have turned on the man they once supported for VP.

  3. The man is 100% liberal on just about every issue besides Iraq. For him to literally break ranks over that makes me think he’s more interested in himself than his party.

  4. Yes he is almost 100% liberal on everything else which is why his party was foolish to support a candidate against him for the CT Senate race.

  5. Regardless, his liberal record isn’t gonna make him any more loved by the Republican Party should he be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  6. Of course he will not be more loved. The issue is who betrayed who. Love has little to do with politics.

  7. The Hill recently asked every member of the Senate if they would consider being VP in 2008. This was Joe Lieberman’s response: “Once is enough. I already have the T-shirt and I’m proud of it.

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