Clinton leads Obama by 41.32% in West Virginia

May 10, 2008

Clinton looks to be heading for a landslide in West Virginia but is it too late?

My latest projection for West Virginia is

Hillary Clinton 64.73
Barack Obama 23.41

This implies that Hillary Clinton is looking to crush Obama in West Virginia. However, given that her expectations in this area could not be higher, this will not have much impact. However, Obama should try to make a bit of an effort, because if he can get the gap down to 20% or less then he will have probably knocked the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


One comment

  1. Sen. Obama is probably gonna get crushed in West Virginia, but it’ll actually be better for him to skip the state than campaign.

    Yes, he could close the gap, but that’s nothing his supporters can’t do. Besides, the mroe serious he treats the state, the more he acknowledges Hillary’s viability as a candidate.

    Sen. Obama’s plan is to win Oregon and then declare it “game over”. I think that’s a winning strategy from a winning candidate.

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