Is this a Dewey vs Truman moment?

May 9, 2008

Rasmussen calls the Democratic contest for Obama

As you can see here Rasmussen has announced that they will both stop providing polling for the Democratic contest and McCain vs Clinton matchups. I think this is a mite premature. Although Clinton is down, and she seems to be going in a extremely reprehensible (and possibly racist) direction, she is certainly not out of the contest yet. As I have said before, if she wants to properly continue the fight she still has a one-third chance of becoming the nominee and a 15% overall chance. It should also be pointed out that when McCain was in trouble Rasmussen didn’t drop him from the polling. If you are brave enough, Hillary’s price of 10.3 on Intrade.com represents supberb value.


One comment

  1. Short answer: “NO!” 🙂

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