TPT gives Hillary Clinton some advice

May 8, 2008

Seven steps the Senator from New York should take

I’m going to repeat the exercise that I performed with the McCain campaign. This time I am going to shift my focus to the Clinton campaign and see if anything can be salvaged from the wreckage of her campaign.

1. Hillary has to first decide both whether she wants to continue and whether she wants to run a paper campaign or do what is necessary to have any chance of her winning the nomination. The example of Mike Huckabee shows that running a paper campaign is worse than running no campaign at all.

2. Hillary Clinton needs to signal to the press and public that she is in this to win. She therefore needs to launch an advertising blitz in Oregon as soon as possible. She also needs to attack Obama in some way, possibly on either foreign policy or inexperience. However, she should not follow her husband’s example of playing to people’s bigotry, and if she does so she deserves to have her political career ended.

3. She also needs to pull herself together. Crying may have helped her in New Hampshire, but it frankly beneath her. It also feeds into the perception that she is merely runing a paper campaign.

4. She needs to target Oregon, since a victory in that state is the only way she can regain the momentum to get back in the contest.

5. She needs to try to reach out to African-American voters. She simply cannot win without closing the gap by even a small amount. Also the fact that she is trying to steal some of Obama’s base support would show that she is in it to win.

6. She also needs to start making explicit comparisons between Barack Obama and other unsucessful Presidential candidates. The fact that George McGovern just endorsed Barack Obama should help.

7. She also needs to keep emphasising that she won Indiana and reduced Obama’s margin in North Caorlina relative to South Carolina.

8. She needs to explicitly rule out either being Obama’s VP or having Obama as her VP. She needs to reiterate her doubts about Obama’s ability to be a commander-in-chief.

To be honest, although Hillary would have a 33% chance of winning if she took these steps I only think that she had a 40% of doing this. In fact adding up all the scenarios I give her a 15% overall chance of becoming the Democratic nominee.



  1. Here’s the advice I have for Sen. Clinton

    1. Take any piece of hard US currency (a quarter will suffice), flip it, call a side, and see how it lands. (‘Heads’ denotes a paper campaign because it means you’re smart enough to know you can’t win. ‘Tails’ denotes real campaign for obvious reasons.)

    2. I agree that Hillary needs to tell people that she is in to win. Since she has no money, visit late-night and SNL regularly, appear on every morning-daytime show that you can (even the Weather channel, if possible), join Survivor, and audition for a last-minute spot on American Idol, Big Brother, and Tila Tequila.

    3. Cry ALL YOU CAN, EVERY SECOND YOU CAN. (Tears are free!)

    4. Move to Astoria, watch The Goonies and <Kindergarten Cop until you have the films memorized, and… actually, screw it. You got no chance of convincing the people of Oregon to vote for you over Barack. 😛

    5. Try to bring back the three-fifths Compromise.

    6. Start comparing Barack to other unsuccessful politicians such as Bill Richardson, George McGovern, and other members of the Clinton camp who you adored until they became “Judas”.

    7. Admit it! Rush Limbaugh helped you close the gap in NC and IN! “A win is a win!”

    8. Call Barack and tell him that if he doesn’t make you Vice-President, “I’m going to SCREAM!!!”

    Overall, I give Hillary a .000000000005% chance of winning the nomination. (Why? Because that’s the odds of Barack Obama being hit by a meteor.)

  2. Well, so much for #2: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/05/08/clinton-touts-support-from-white-americans/

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