TPT’s head to heads

May 5, 2008

TPT gives his ‘gut feel’ projections for McCain-Obama and McCain-Clinton matchups

On the eve of the important Indiana and North Carolina primaries I am going to give what my ‘gut’ suggests would happen in a McCain-Clinton and McCain-Obama contest. I have deliberately tried to be as fair as possible moving all ‘toss-up’ states into the blue column (MO, OH, IA, CO in a McCain-Clinton contest and (CO, NY, IA, WI, CT in a McCain-Obama contest). I see Hillary Clinton holding all of Kerry’s state (with the exception of Pennsylvania) and definitely taking New Mexico, Ohio and Nevada. In contrast, although Obama will take Nevada and possibly Iowa, he will have a very difficult time in the North-East and the Pacific West. While Clinton will be running a populist campaign based on the economy, Obama will be fighting on foreign policy and Iraq areas in which his antiwar stance and lack of experience will hinder him.



  1. I think you give McCain too much credit. He looks to me like the second-coming of Bob Dole.

  2. I agree. You have McCain winning Massachusetts? and New Jersey? This is simply unrealistic absent a complete GOP tidal wave, which is very unlikely.

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