Final thoughts on last night

May 3, 2008

TPT gives his final thoughts on the Mayoral Election.

1. From a betting point of view the results were dire. My last minute bet on Ken Livingstone proved to be wasted, while despite the projections that Johnson would get 46% of the vote, in the end he failed to pass the 45% mark.

2. The election of Boris Johnson proves that, no matter how controversial the opposing candidate, if you run a poor enough campaign you will lose. If Labour had run a generic candidate and stuck to the issues they would have beaten Johnson.

3. My final Samplemiser projection was a Boris lead of 8.15%, which was not far off the 6.1% margin.

4. Although I wish Johnson all the best I will be counting down the days until May 1st 2012. Hopefully, Ken Livingstone will not throw his hat in the ring again. The fact that the BNP got an assembly seat is really depressing.


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