Too little, too late

April 30, 2008

Is Obama really a ‘victim’ of Wright?

Unfortunately, it looks like Obama and his supporters will probably have the chutzpah to claim that Obama is a ‘victim’ of Wright. Of course, in realty Obama spent 20 years in Wright’s church and knew fully well what he was getting into when he dedicated his autobiography to Wright, donated a large sum of money to Wright’s church, asked him to serve on an advisory council and said that Wright was ‘a sounding board for me to make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible’. Obama’s prolonged association with Wright shows, at the very least, appalling judgement and heavily hints at a worldview that is sympathetic to dictators and doesn’t view America as a force for good. In times when the West is facing a concerted enemy, there is no room for this sort of thinking. It is also ironic that find it that Obama’s supporters praised Obama for not repudiating Wright but now, once it becomes obvious that Wright was not misquoted, have changed their tune and now think that Wright is attempting to destroy Obama’s campaign.

Of course a quite a few commentators have been sympathetic to Obama about this latest outburst and some people will buy into this latest spin that Wright has ‘gone postal’. Indeed, Rush Limbaugh has gone so far as to state that, ‘Clinton minister set up Obama’s minister, exactly right, Errol Louis is saying today that the organizer of Wright’s appearance at the National Press Club was set up, and she was sitting right next to him at the dais talking to him. He was set up by Barbara Reynolds who is a Clinton operative’. A I’m willing to entertain the possibility that, like Samantha Power’s outburst about Hillary Clinton, Wright’s latest rantings may have been a tactical move to allow Obama to disown Wright without repudiating Wright’s value. However, I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory that Wright wants to destroy Obama’s campaign or the bizarre assertion that Hillary Clinton is somehow behind this.

To be honest both the McCain and Clinton campaigns have handled it badly. Saying nothing has enabled Obama to spin it the way that he wanted to and left the nastier element of the GOP, such as the Republican party in North Carolina, to try to turn this into a question of race rather than of foreign policy. Ironically, the New York Times complains that, ‘Mr. McCain has not tried hard enough to stop a race-baiting commercial’. As soon as the first tapes were aired Hillary should have held a press conference in New York and denounced his comments about 9/11 and tied it into Obama’s leadership. If she or McCain were unwilling to do so themselves they should have got surrogates like Chuck Schumer or Rudy Giuliani to do so. I also think that to compare it with Hagee is silly, since despite what the New York Times tries to imply, Hagee has not been McCain’s pastor for 20 years, nor has McCain used Hagee as a sounding board. Although McCain’s decision not to fully repudiate Hagee’s endorsement was disappointing, comparing the two is silly. While McCain may have accepted Hagee’s endorsement (and that of Rob Parsley) McCain is not an ethusiastic congregant of either. This episode does show the extent to which some in the media are prepared to shill for Obama, even to the extent of trying to spin his relationship with Wright as a positive.



  1. Tipster,

    Woah, woah, woah… Sen. Obama NEVER took Rev. Wright into his campaign. He was never a “spiritual advisor”, or anything like that.

    Please correct this immediately.

  2. Actually, Wright did serve the Obama campaign in an advisory position. However, I have added a bit more detail to the Obama Wright relationship since ‘involved with the Obama campaign’ was a bit vague.

  3. Can you back this up substansively? If not, it’s a lose (and misleading) association just as flimsy as Obama’s connection to the Weatherman Underground.

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