Hillary’s price begins to gather some mometum

April 29, 2008

Are Punters Starting to wake up to the fact that Hillary is still there?

The prices on both Hillary Clinto and Al Gore have picked up in the last twenty-four hours. Gore is now trading at 4.5 and Hillary is now trading at above twenty. I believe that this is not only a combination of Jeremiah Wright’s latest outburst, which to be fair has generated a fair amount of sympathy for Obama, or the Indiana poll figures, but a realisation that Obama’s lead in pledged delegates might not be enough to guarantee him a victory. This has been the case for some time, but finally people are starting to wake up to this fact, as the reality that Obama’s support is more atkin to a bubble than a paradigm shift becomes ever more obvious. Certainly, I feel that Obama will not benefit fromt the wish to ‘put Hillary out of her misery’ that prevent Hillary from putting her margin into dobule figures.


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