Hillary Clinton leads Obama in Indiana by 1.37%

April 26, 2008

Good news for Hillary

I’ve come up with the following projections for Indiana.

Hillary Clinton 46.61
Barack Obama 45.24

Hillary has now taken the lead in Indiana, although in real terms it remains a dead heat. If Barack Obama cannot carry Indiana then we can expect some of the Superdelegates that have moved to him to change their to support to Hillary Clinton.



  1. “If Barack Obama cannot carry Indiana then we can expect some of the Superdelegates that have moved to him to change to support Hillary Clinton.”

    Just curious, Tipster… where is the basis for this argument?

    P.S. Obama playing b-ball in Indiana! http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/04/26/obama-plays-a-little-3-on-3/

  2. Oklahoma’s Governor Brad Henry came out in support of Obama even though Hillary carried 55% of the state and Obama only 31%. How’s this for a politician caring about his people? He is getting on the OB Wagon because he wants to be on the winning side even though Oklahomans wanted Hillary. If he ran now he would lose 55% of this state. This is the ultimate in betrayal. Dean is coming here in two weeks maybe that is why. Is Dean in OB court?. If Ob wins it will be four more years of the same at least. I hope our country came stand it.

  3. Linda,

    I fail to see how choosing Obama as president would mean “more of the same” as opposed to 28 years of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton dynasty.

    Gov. Henry supports Obama for the same reason Howard Dean probably does: Sen. Obama is the realization of Gov. Dean’s 50-state strategy of a candidate who can compete in every corner of the country. The most Sen. Clinton can do is expand the red-state/blue-state divide down to Arkansas at the expense of the Democratic West Coast and Midwest.

    Sen. Obama is the only candidate for the Democrats who can completely redraw the electoral map. Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Alaska, even Texas will all be in play if he’s the nominee.

  4. P.S. Hillary Clinton has made it very clear that superdelegates should “vote their conscience.” Why is it that this is 100% acceptable… unless they choose to support Obama?

  5. Hillary would be a horrible president, she cares for no one but the clintons. The bottom line is She is unelectable because she would get no black support because the only way she gets the nomination is by stealing the nomination.
    The way she ran her campaign is how she would run the country, totally disorginized. Go Obama.

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