Johnson leads by 6.32% on first preferences

April 23, 2008

Johnson doing well


My projections for the Mayor of London first preferences are now:

Boris Johnson 44.01
Ken Livingstone 37.69
Brian Paddick 11.86

This is obviously bad news for Ken Livingstone, although he is still relatively close to Boris Johnson. Of course, since it is unlikely that either candidate will get to 50% on first preferences alone it all depends the second choices of supporters of the minor party candidates.



  1. which poll?

  2. Sadly I suspect that Boris’s notoriety is the leading factor in all this. Combined with a feeling that labour have been in power a bit too long and a depreciation in Ken’s stock and I think BJ (what an unfortunate pair of initials!) stands a good chance of pulling this off (as it were!).

    Still not sure who im going to vote for tbh!

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