Final comments on Pennsylvania

April 23, 2008

Mixed night for TPT.com

1. It was a mixed night for me. My ‘gut’ feel prediction (11.2) came pretty close while my final Samplemiser projection (9.34) was almost exactly on the ball. Even my penultimate projection (4.24) wasn’t too far out.

2. Unfortunately, even though Hillary may have outperformed the 8% that she needed to stay in the contest she missed both the 12% mark that I had money on and the 10% mark that she needed to have an impact. Consequently, the markets are pretty static.

3. I’m going to wait for a bit until all the results have come in, and the difference between the CNN and Pennsylvania figures are resolved, to decide a winner. However, it looks like the winning margin is 9.4.

4. This result hasn’t resolved anything, except that the impact of Wrightgate and the delegate’s desire to end the contest have cancelled each other out.

What do you think? Please leave your comments below.



  1. PA was Hillary’s last chance to snag a major delegate victory against Obama and narrow his lead in the popular vote.

    Her campaign is over $10 million in debt, her negative ratings have skyrocketed, and she won only a handful of delegates in a state she had every reason to win by a landslide.

    All this can do is prolonge the race, not convice her superdelegates to stick along from April 23 until August.

  2. My own prediction was pretty close.

    You’re right it doesn’t mean anything except to those desperately clinging to the hope that Billary has a hope, ala Chris Matthews (he can hardly contain his glee at seeing an uppity candidate losing).

    Cause I never underestimate the white racist vote, especially when it comes to PA

  3. re: Did Obama, or did he not, deliberately, with malice aforethought … Flip Off a fellow Senator?

    YES. He DID. Watch the video again. The same feces-eating smirks & grins that appeared AFTER he did the finger, also appeared BEFORE he flipped the finger.

    He looks down – reading his script on the podium, breaks out into the feces-eating smirks and grins – several times …in anticipation … of what he is about to do.

    Deliberate, premeditated, SCRIPTED and PRACTICED beforehand.

    Asinine, juvenile, UNFIT to be President of ANYTHING.

  4. Hey North Carolina – Wanna buy a nuclear power plant?

    This Presidential election is not about black/white, male/female, Liberal/conservative, Republican/Democrat.

    Its about MONEY – Cheney’s NEXT Big Monopoly POWER Energy RIPOFF on behalf of his Corporate Elitist masters.

    Austan Goolsbee, Obama’s Economics advisor is, in my Grandpa’s terminology – an educated idiot.

    Goolsbee, who must have several degress in economics, says we must be careful to identify the cause of – the rich getting richer and everybody else getting poorer.

    Goolsbee says the cause is: dramatically increased returns to skill i.e. college degrees are paying off better and better all the time.

    Uh, huh, yeah but that does nothing to explain the rise of the super rich, nor the increasing poverty of everyone else.

    The cause is simple: Reagan cut the top tax rate down from the 70%’s to the low 30%’s AND Corporations all over America trotted out the “Two-Tier Wage Structure” – – right after Reagan was elected. i.e. pay everybody at the top a whole lot MORE, pay everybody else a whole lot LESS.

    The rich are getting richer, and have been doing so at a faster & faster rate for the past 30 years -because of RADICALLY INCREASED RETURNS to CAPITAL.

    Everybody else has been getting poorer and poorer over that same time span because its been CORPORATE POLICY to pay everybody else a whole lot less; (not to mention the fact that – everybody else has been Paying a Lot More Taxes – to make up that portion of the Federal Budget no longer being paid by the wealthy – or not currently being “borrowed” from our children and grandchildren.)

    My grandpa was a farmer, son of a share cropper. In his later years he worked for an experimental farm operated by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. The people who ran the farm had degrees in agriculture. My grandpa had a LIFETIME of EXPERIENCE.

    When the …educated idiots… wanted to get some plants to actually GROW & prosper IN THE REAL WORLD they had to have my Grandpa SHOW THEM and TELL THEM
    HOW to do it.

    Condoleeza Rice & the whole gang of “Vulcans”/ …neocons… are educated idiots, along with Zbigniew Berzinski, one of Obama’s “foreign policy” advisors.

    All they’ve ever DONE is … write, postulate & publish their latest hare-brained DRIVEL & …Wait … for applause and compliments from the same “‘highly specialized literary” ilk as themselves.

    Paying those at the top a Whole LOT MORE has paid off handsomely for the corporations and politicians…because… those at the top – responsible for things like morals, ethics, obeying the law, are ALREADY Paid off to … look the other way … incentivized … to sell their fellow citizens down the river.

    Case in point: Howard Fineman of Time magazine, and an MSNBC “News Analyst” … plaintively whining to Chris Matthews on Hardball last week: They shouldn’t be complaining about US – they shouldn’t be blaming US for our coverage … We’re JOURNALISTS — reporters — we just report the facts.

    NO. They are highly paid Propaganda Operatives who would make Goebbels (Hitler’s Propaganda Minister) PROUD.

    GE, 2nd largest corporation on the planet, Westinghouse, Excelon Corp of Illinois, Entergy w/utilities in the Southern States have been planning since 2005 – When the Cheney Energy Bill was passed – to build 29 new nuclear power plants. (licensing hearing for the first few have already been scheduled).

    GE owns MSNBC & NBC. Westinghouse owns CBS. AND they have Billions of Advertising $$$$ to spread around in all other forms of media. Obama & McCain are PRO-Nuclear. Clinton says nuclear can be considered in the future IF they make it CHEAPER and find a way to SAFELY and PERMANENTLY dispose of the nuke waste.

    The Mainstream Media (the most blatant offenders being MSNBC & NBC) are busy selling We the People and Democracy in America … down the river.

    The media is holding a lid on all the bad news about Obama … until AFTER he gets the nomination. Then, the full force of their Propaganda BARRAGE will be directed AGAINST him, instead of FOR him.

    Thereby, leaving nobody but McCain ACTUALLY running for President.

    Starting out the campaign season with the consensus of opinion being that a large majority of voters were all in favor of electing Hillary Clinton President w/Any Republican nominees chances of being elected standing at virtually NIL … what was the nasty party of the rich & super rich TO DO?

    Same thing they Always do Pinky … Divide & Conquer! (HOW ELSE can a very small minority CONTROL a much larger majority?)

    Can YOU think of anything better to DIVIDE the Democratic Party than … to run a black man Against THAT WOMAN?

    Contrary to the Media’s BIG LIES:

    Obama started the negative campaigning several months ago during the first Philadelphis debate. He began with NAME-CALLING with him & his wife endlessly repeating … disingenuous…Hillary’s disingenuous … while his campaign staff and surrogates went on TV yelling … She’s a Liar, a Liar, a liar.

    Next, the Obama campaign pushed those …totally absurd… accusations of “racism” to the press because they were LOSING the South Carolina primary.

    The LYING and Propaganda have continued to this day … Obama’s the negative dirty campaigner; the Media turns it around exactly backwards & Blames Hillary.

    Neither one can gain enough delegates to get the nomination ON THE BASIS OF DELEGATES, but DELEGATE COUNT, having FAILED to get the job done … the Media Proclaims that it should be the ONLY criteria to get the job done.

    First the Obama camp INSISTS on Playing by the RULES:(FL & MI delegates DON”T COUNT); but, NOT Playing by the RULES: SuperDelegates are ENTITLED to and CHARGED to: SELECT the BEST, most Electable candidate – that’s the RULES – But NO, don’t do THAT!

    Obama claims he has special “talents” for working across the aisles, bringing people together to get good new progressive legislation passed – CHANGE -We can Believe In; as EXEMPLIFIED by 26 wonderful Bills he got passed WHILE in the ILLINOIS legislature.

    But … according to a hometown Chicago reporter – all 26 Bills were passed in ONE Year because the Democratic legislative leader …. gave Obama …. all the good legislation OTHER Senators had been WRITING, CRAFTING, and WORKING to get passed …. during the DECADES when the Republicans had majority control. One year to get 26 bills passed would leave…suspiciously little TIME for… working across the aisles, bringing people together, & given a Democratic Majority …. how much NEED to “work across the aisles to get the bills passed actually existed? Obama’s claim appears to be FALSE.

    He has little to NO experience or accomplishments that would in any way qualify him to be President of anything -or- give him much more than a CLUE about crafting and passing legislation in the U.S. Congress … absent … a party leader willing to Falsely give him credit for other people’s work.

    Things that DON’T ADD UP: The Obama campaign has been bragging to the compliant media parrots since January that he has raised 2X, 3X, and now 5X as much money as the Clinton campaign …. from …. we the little people, but if that’s the case then why hasn’t he been getting 2X, 3X, 5X MORE VOTES in the primaries from all those little people who support him to the extent of giving him money?

    If, as Obama keeps repeating – Clinton is the “establishment candidate”, the candidate of corporate controlled America, the candidate financed by Washington Lobbyists Then, WHY is Clinton’s campaign chronically running out of money … WHILE …. the Obama Campaign has been wallowing in Big Piles of CASH since January?

    Why is it the Clinton campaign that has been financed the past several months by …. WE the People? How come the Corporate Elites aren’t giving her the cash?

    The MSM says her wealthy donors are ‘tapped out’;have already reached the legal limit & so, can’t give her any more CASH.

    The FACT is tho, the ruling elite corporate power structure, Lobbyists, and Bundlers, have a practically unlimited capactiy to collect myriads of small donations for campaigns – So, IF the corporate elite “establishment” power structure was behind Clinton, rest assured SHE would be Rolling in the CASH.

    WHY does the media keep on allowing Obama to tell the BIG LIE that he does not accept money from LOBBYISTS?

    He says – I don’t take money from REGISTERED FEDERAL Lobbyists. True. But, he does take money from STATE Lobbyists and the husbands, wives, law partners, aunts, uncles and cousins of REGISTERED FEDERAL LOBBYISTS.

    I found that information, including plenty of details, with very little searching on the internet, so you would think the media could, and would, find it too …you would think that… only IF you had not been watching the media very much this campaign season.

    For those millions of us who HAVE been watching – the Outright Propaganda and brainwashing put out all day everyday by the MSM — quickly becomes repetitive, boring, DRIVEL. We stopped watching it and went searching the internet for REAL Information.

    The MSM sold you Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2-TWICE. The MSM sold you the Iraq War. Are you going to just sit there and let them Sell you Obama/McCain/ 29 nuclear power plants? i.e. the NEXT Big Cheney Energy MONOPOLY RIPOFF just waiting in the wings?

    Going to let The Media Sell You, Your Children and Grandchildren Down the River? Democracy down the tubes — again?.

    Or, are YOU going to get the WORD Out Write …copy paste… & email to everyone on you email list… write & paste into blogs on the internet, newspapers, magazines, radio & TV stations…nationally and locally.

    WE the People are in the same situation as the Russians during the days of Samidzat … when they made Xerox copies & passed them around as the only means available to GET THE WORD OUT about their govt & its govt controlled media —- but, we’ve got a LOT BETTER TECHNOLOGY than they had.

    In case you don’t know what’s wrong with building more nuclear power plants – GOOGLE Hanford WA nuclear waste dump, Rocky Flats CO, Barnwell South Carolina nuke waste dump & FIND OUT why I would not accept an all expenses paid vacation at the best hotel in Denver; would go around the entire state of Colorado rather than drive thru any part of it; why I would advise everyone to Completely AVOID an entire county in the state of Washington.

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