Punters pessimistic about Hillary

April 20, 2008

Days away from the Pennnsylvania primary punters are not optimistic about Hillary

Although there has been a very slight recovery in her price, from a low of 13 to around 15, punters are extremly pessimistic about the chances of Senator Clinton being the nominee. I still believe that although her position is dire, and if the polls are correct she could possibly have withdrawn by Tuesday morning, she still has around a 25% chance of winning the nomination. She only has to beat the spread in Pennsylvania, and she will have gained a fresh burst of momeuntum. Factor in, that if you include Florida she still has a chance of winning the national popular vote, she will then have demonstrated her electability and will have presented the superdelegates with the excuse that they need to vote for her. Of course, this assumes a good performance in Pennsylvania, but it is still a value bet.


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