Has Romney given up all hope of a VP spot?

April 16, 2008

Does his decision to go on a cruise indicate that he doesn’t believe that he will be chosen?

While I was browsing National Review Online I noticed that they were advertising a cruise for November 8-15. Although, I have no interest in such an event I did notice that one of their principal speakers was Mitt Romney. Although, this could be a case of mis-direction, and Romney would obviously not hesitate to cancel if he was asked to be McCain’s running mate, it does indicate that he is not exactly confident of being chosen as McCain’s running mate. Indeed, it rather brings to mind Huckabee’s decision to abandon the campaign trail for a motivation speaking engagement while he was still nominally campaigning for the Republican nomination. Given that Romney’s intrade price for the VP spot is 16.5-19.2, it might be worth betting against him.


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