Clinton recovery begins to get some momentum

April 15, 2008

Are the betting markets starting to change their minds?

As one can see from this chart, the betting markets are starting to change their minds about Hillary Clinton. It might only be a mini revival but for the first time Hillary’s price is approaching 20%. Although I must urge some caution, after all the scale of Obama’s probable victory in North Carolina, will erase some of the gains from her victories in Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virigina, the fact remains that Obama has, with the bitterness gaffe, has brought all the acculamated doubts about him to the fore. My guess is that Hillary now has a 50% chance of becoming the Democratic nominee, making a bet on her good from a fundamental as well as a technical perspective.


One comment

  1. The fact is when you look at the math behind the Democratic nomination process, Hillary has a 0% chance of actually “winning” the nomination.

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