Why Romney would be a disastrous choice for McCain

April 14, 2008

Why a McCain-Romney ticket would be bad for the GOP

1. He is hated by the religious right – To win the election McCain needs to avoid ailenating religious voters. Although it is is fashionable to dismiss these voters as having a waning influence on the GOP they enabled Bush to be re-elected in 2004. According to the exit polls 17.6% of the entire electorate (over a third of Bush’s vote) voted Republican because of ‘moral values’ – second only to the 20.24% who voted Republican because Iraq and the War on Terror. Any support that Romney gets from the few voters who voted Republican because of economic issues will be massively outweighed by votes lost from the former group due to Romney’s cynical attempt to position himself as a pro-life candidate.

2. Romney is not a particularly good politician – Let’s remember that Romney, despite outspending every other candidate, lost Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida and came fourth in South Carolina. Despite a few victories on Super Tuesday and a ‘legacy’ victory in Michigan, Romney performed extremely poorly. It also should be remembered that he left office in 2006 with a low approval rating. What could someone with such a mediocre record add to the Republican ticket?

3. McCain needs to send a clear message – McCain needs to send a clear message that he will be able to be ‘his own man’. Selecting Romney, or any generic Republican for that matter, will make him look weak and unable to stand up for what he believes in. Given the low popularity of the Republican party, McCain needs to avoid the appearance of caving to the ‘base’.

4. McCain needs to appeal to disillusioned Democrats – The trends in party identification state unequivocally that McCain needs to appeal to at least a significant segment of those who identify themselves as Democrats. Putting someone who pandered to every Republican interest group and wallowed in anti-immgrant sentiment would be a disaster.

5. There are better candidates – Condi Rice would be groundbreaking, Joe Lieberman would re-align the electorate and Charlie Crist is a popular govenor. Jon Huntsman would have all the plusses of Romney (money, appeal to the Mountain West, excutive and business experience) without any of the drawbacks (wobbling on the surge, flip-flopping on abortion etc).



  1. As strange as it sounds, Romney may be as good as it gets for McCain’s VP choices.

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