Hillary leads by 17% in PA

April 14, 2008

Very bad news for Obama

Adding the latest poll to my collection produces the following projections:

Hillary Clinton 55.05
Barack Obama 38.05

Whether it was ‘Bittergate’ alone or the combination of a number of factors, Hillary is now crushing Obama in Pennsylvania. Although ARG have a reputation for occasionally producing wild results, it seems that there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Clinton’s White House hopes.

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  1. I doubt it.

    Most of Obama’s support has come from big cities and the suburbs. Even if some PA voters have written-off Obama due to his comments, I doubt it’s as widespread as you project.

  2. Mr. Obama’s insulting comments towards PA will probably mean that Mr. Clinton will win by double digits instead of perhaps single digits. If he does not pull up his socks fast, he can kiss PA good bye in the general.

  3. Even Electionprojection.com has listed PA as a blue state. Only in a Hillary-McCain match up could I see the state voting for the Republican.

  4. The latest poll has Hillary Clinton up by 20 points on Barack Hussein Obama! 🙂

  5. From the sounds of this, Hillary is already overplaying her hand: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/

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