Obama and Clinton now lead McCain in Pennsylvania

April 12, 2008

Bad news for McCain in the Keystone State


My latest projections are:

Hillary Clinton 46.57
John McCain 38.87

Barack Obama 45.65
John McCain 40.99

Both Obama and Clinton beat McCain by 7.70% and 5.66% respectively, which is more than the state’s 3.3% intrinsic bias towards the Democrats. This is bad news for McCain, and shows that he will need to put some real work into the state in the general election. Given his weakness in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico he needs to win states like Pennsylvania – though I am sure that he will carry Pennsylvania convincingly come November if Obama is the nominee.


One comment

  1. If PA voted for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004, there’s no doubt in my mind that PA will stay blue in 2008.

    The war is simply too unpopular here.

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