Will Daily Kos ever stop shooting themselves in the foot?

April 8, 2008

Daily Kos commissioned Research 2000 Poll shows Lieberman still beating Lamont

Despite their failed attempts to call up their in. However, as I pointed out ten months ago the Daily Kos poll is as dodgy as a £9 note. I don’t know how much they paid Research 2000 to fudge the results, but mysteriously if you weigh the figures by an age profile consistent with the results you get the following results: Lieberman 49.96 Lamont 40.78. That’s Daily Kos admitting that Lieberman would crush Lamont even in a hypothetical match-up. Besides proving the obvious, this proves that the Democrats are running scared of Joe Lieberman on the bottom of the Republican ticket, not least because such a ticket would give the Republicans at 2-3% nationally, and probably an additional 4% in the North-East.

Do you agree or disagree with my analysis? Think McCain-Lieberman would be a good ticket or a bad one? Leave your comments below.

Update: As has been pointed out elsewhere, I was looking at the past voting intention question. After adjusting for Demographics the poll seems to suggest that Lamont would win 48-40. However, until an independent polling comapany produces comprable figures using likely voters and a larger sample size, I continue to believe that the only thing that this poll highlights is Daily Kos’s fear of a McCain-Lieberman ticket.



  1. A McCain-Lieberman ticket would be disasterous for the GOP. Religious and social conservatives would cry foul over abortion, opening the door for a major third-party effort (or at the very least a boycot).

  2. Check this out: http://electoral-vote.com/

    Obama is one of the more moderate US Senators while McCain is unquestionably one of the most conservative.

  3. Yes, but interest group ratings don’t make a lot of sense in an election year because Senators hardly ever turn up to vote. The classic case was Kerry and Edwards getting low ratings from the ADA in 2004 because they missed a ton of votes. If you used the ACU’s system (which ignores missed votes) McCain and Obama’s liberal ratings would be much higher.

  4. I flat-out disagree with you on your dismissal of interest group ratings during the 2004 Election. It received major attention and was instrumental for Republican plans to frame Kerry-Edwards as ultra-liberal. They did it throughout the summer, during the RNC, and right up to election day to portray them as outside the mainstream.

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