Is this the only way to re-unite the Democratic party?

April 7, 2008

Would a Clinton/Obama ticket (or an Obama/Clinton) ticket keep the peace?

One of the most intruiging ideas is the idea of a Clinton/Obama unity ticket, which has been floated by some of Clinton’s former staff members. The rationale goes is that if Clinton is elected she will need Obama’s African-American support while Obama can’t win without Clinton’s blue collar and Latino voters. There is also the more cynical possibility that unless both Clinton and Obama are on the ticket in some form or another the supporters of the losing candidate will deliberately sabotage the campaign of the nominee. I have to say that I am very sceptical. Hillary Clinton has said too many bad things about Obama to credibly serve as her running mate. Indeed, John McCain could run a string of commericals on Clinton’s comments about Obama’s ability to serve as a commander-in-chief alone.

The idea of Clinton/Obama is a bit more plausible. However, Hillary would be best advised to choose Sanford Bishop or Harold Ford Jr to keep the African-American vote on board or even to choose Ken Salazar and hope that whatever support she loses among African-Americans is balanced by the increased Latino turnout and support in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Of course, Clinton (or Obama) may be under incredible pressure to choose a unity ticket from party bigwigs, although I doubt that it would really be a dealbreaker for delegates. My guess is that the chances of a ‘dream ticket’ is about 20%. If you do want to bet on such a ticket I would advise you to bet on Obama and Clinton individually rather than the specific 3/1 (4.00) bet offered by Ladbrokes (Ladbrokes offer 3.5/1 (4.50) if you bet individually), which also insures you against the (tiny) chance of a ‘draft Gore’ movement.

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One comment

  1. Gore has a better chance of landing a spot on teh ticket than Hillary ever well.

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