Hillary Clinton leads by 7.71% in Indiana

April 6, 2008

Cllinton is doing well in Obama’s back yard.

I’ve come up with the following projections for Indiana.

Hillary Clinton 52.05
Barack Obama 44.34

With Hillary looking increasingly likely to get a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania, and to get crushed in North Carolina, Indiana seems to be the most important state in the contest. Currently, she enjoys a solid lead in the Hoosier State.

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  1. Will Hillary still have a chance without her chief strategist?


  2. I expect this to change once Obama starts airing ads in the state.

  3. Hillary is ahead now, but by single digits. I’m convinced that she is NOT going to pull off a double digit win in PA (in fact, I’m betting on 6 points or less), and it looks like Obama is going to pull off a 20+ point victory in NC. After both of those “losses” for the Clinton camp, I expect Obama’s numbers in IN to rise quite a bit, and he can probably win here.

  4. My sentiments exactly.

  5. I think Obama and the Rev. Wright decide to act out this drama, about Obama being angry at the Rev. I will not vote for Obama in the general election. I don’t trust him or the Rev. They are in this together. Watch them be connect again after the election. He should had let him go from the begining. But he sees himself in the primary vote going down. And i also dont trust his wife. She speaks with so much anger and disrespect to america. I would vote for another black candiate he loss my trust.

  6. Hillary is a better Democratic candiate. At lease we know what we have. And I tell you I work for the Department of Social Service and we speak on who we will vote for, and we dont want him in the white house. We dont trust him or his moral. We know about Hillary but we also think she is an experience candiate. We know what we are going to get with her, but we dont know what we are going to get with him.

  7. I got to give it to Hillary and she has showed me never to step down or give up. Thank you Hillary, you have showed me never to give up, and keep on fighting for what I want. You are want to look up too.

    Super delgate should realize that you have come a long way with the back ground people know about you and your husband. And you are still running. it shows that you are a stronger candiate. Watch out democrats if you want a democratic in the white house dont put Obama the lier against McCain. He will lose. God bless America or God ————-america from the rev. wright mouth. Obama Rev. lol america wake up.

  8. The Ted Kennedy and his niece should be embrass to side with Obama when the Rev. Wright said that J.Kennedy spoke improper english and noone correct him. Shame on you. I loved and still Love J. Kennedy his son and wife. and his brother R. Kennedy. Here his wife stating that she is now proud to be an american and your brothers die being an american.

  9. Thanks Hillary, you have showed me how to do anything, right or wrong to win. Just what I want my children to learn. Throw the kithchen sink, the stove, the dishwasher, and the fridge. I thought we as women wanted to get out of the kitchen. Democratic Party hear this I will not vote for Hillary. Believe it or not I am not the only person who feels that way. Yes the blue collar worker is important but so is the black vote. Contary to popular belief there are other races who fits in the blue collar category.

    Go Obama!!! Keep your chin up.

  10. I beg you super-delegates please look at who is the stronger candiate in the general and do the right thing. I aslo voted and i dont mind that you over vote me. I am an american and these are the procedure.

  11. The longer Hillary keeps the pressure on Obama, the more he’s in the spotlight and on the spot. The Pied Piper of Hope & Change is becoming more transparent every day. His Snake Oil show is being exposed and even the Obamabots are beginning to see through him. America thanks you Hillary.

  12. Hillary and Bill or both liars. Yeah they have great morals. You right you do know who you have a liar and a cheat! Tell me why would we want anything else, especially when that is all we know. Change is scary but necessary. Stop being afraid of the African Man. Everyone knows he is fair and decent. That should be what we want. It is time out for settling for the status quo. Obama is going to be for all the people. Trust me blacks have had to deal with presidents who have been for one group of people for the past 400 years. we survived!!!

    Hillary has about as much experience as my 17 year old. Close your eyes and imagine her meeting with China or North Korea. I served in the military for over 22 years, it will not be good. She really isn’t tough enough. I am a woman and I can tell she is not tough enough to deal with the issues at hand. Really what have she been through? NOTHING. She really has not been tested. Staying with Bill is a test. Right. There are plenty women who stayed with their cheating husbands. Most of them stayed because they had to. Hillary stayed for political gain. She should have denounced and rejected Pres Bill cheating ways. Oh yea, you have to be tough to do that. Go O’Bama!!!!!

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